Getting the Most Out of a Speech Recognition Software

Speech recognition software is a major breakthrough in the transcription world. You can get an accuracy of 95% if you learn to use this software the right way. Actually, with practice and regular use you may not even need to read through the script for corrections. These kinds of results are only possible if you can master how to use the software efficiently. Here are tips on how to use the software for best results.

Look for a good microphone

The first step is to look out for a high-quality microphone. You do not have to get something expensive, but you can test it with other devices to ensure it is flawless. Avoid using built-in microphones of your laptop. For about $20 to $50, you can get yourself a pretty decent microphone.

Learn how it works

Do not jump straight to using the software. Learn the Dictation Software and also learn your voice.  If possible practice your voice. The more you practice, the higher the likelihood of better results when producing a new piece. It is easy to learn how they work. All you need to do is simply read some paragraphs into the microphone while the computer takes care of the rest.  Create enough time to do this well.

There are few things that should be at the back of your mind during the learning process. Read the sample paragraphs at the normal talking or speech speed. Do not be tempted to speak too slowly. However, you can experiment when learning with different speeds and see what brings the best results.


Be very clear in your speech. Speech Recognition Software gives you perfect results. It will take some practice to arrive at this clarity, but it is worth the time and the effort. Eventually you will get the hang of it, and perfectly so. This way you can reduce your editing work considerably.

There is nothing wrong with editing

People frown at the fact that they will still be required to do some minor editing; the software is not 100% perfect. Once you accept this, you will find a range of 90-92% very good to work with. Compare this accuracy with typing from scratch, perhaps we will be talking about 62% plus editing. This software is great especially if you are not very good at typing. Fiction writers will also find the software useful when it comes to capturing thoughts as they come. For more info about speech recognition software, visit